Loyalty Rewards Program


Dakota Chic Boutique Points Program

You Must Create A Customer Account to enable your Boutique Points 

For easier access to our program, please use the pop up launcher. Depending on the device you are using the launcher may appear as the following: 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Do I Spend Points?

  • You can spend your points by logging into your customer account and then clicking on the Rewards tab or launcher. Under the 'Rewards' section, you can click 'Redeem' next to the reward that you want to claim!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

  • Our rewards program is totally FREE! We do it to say 'THANK YOU' to our awesome customers.

Is There A Limit To How Many Style Points I Can Get?

  • There is NO LIMIT! Collect as many style points as you please!

Can I Use More Than One Reward At A Time?

  • Our system only allows you to redeem one reward or coupon at a time during checkout.

 What Would Cause Me To Lose Style Points?

  • If your accumulated style points have dropped, that's due to 1 of 2 things. You have either cashed in your style points for a reward or you have returned an order. This would be the only reason for a loss of points.

 Can You Apply The Reward To My Order For Me?

  • You are the only one with access to the code and it can only be applied by you at checkout via the website. Code must be applied before you complete your purchase and can NOT be applied after.

 Are Style Points Refundable or Reusable?

  • Style Points are not refundable. Once they have been used, they can not be reinstated to your account. If you are making an exchange and made the purchase with points, those points can not be applied to the exchange. You will need to pay the difference.