Customer Information starting May 1-June 2, 2021

Starting May 13th, the Dakota Chic Boutique app will shut down and on June 1st, will shut down completely.

What does this mean for you?

  1. New items will still launch every Tuesday and Thursday at 10amEST as well as Monday-Friday at 1pmEST until May 27th. Business will then move 100% over to the Closet Candy Collection with new arrivals continuing Monday-Friday at 1pmEST starting June 2nd. 
    1. If you have been eyeing anything, grab it! There is also a Sale tab too >>
  1. If you have Loyalty Points, you must use them by June 2nd. I do not have the ability to give them back and you cannot use them on Closet Candy.
    1. Only you can see your account, I do not have access to it. Click on the link for FAQ’s >>
  1. If you have gift cards from Dakota Chic Boutique, you must redeem them by June 2nd. I cannot refund them.
  1. If you have any credit on Comment Sold, you must use them by May 13th. To see if you have any credits, check your account here >>

Returns from Dakota Chic Boutique (not Closet Candy):

  1. I will no longer be accepting returns after June 2nd. Your order must be within your 14-day window to return an item if it did not fit. Please see policy here >>

The VIP group will continue to be active; all CC and additional items will be shared in this group.

If you want to get insights, sneak peak and offers, sign up to get a text here >>

Below is the new shopping site! Please bookmark it so you have it handy at any time!!